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Determining the needs of your target audience are essential is becoming a viable competitor in the marketplace. Based upon your topic choice for your course project, search the  to find the top three websites or companies in your topic\’s field.In a 1-2 page paper to answer the following questions:my company Flawless Vape International is a Premiere electronic vape company I formed because vaping has become very big amongst the youth of our nations smokers. Vaping contains nicotine and is healthier alternative substitute for cigarettes with an array of E-Liquid or juice with different flavors. Flawless Vape international is on the verge of breaking into Japans market which is characterized by lack of pharmaceutical nicotine. Since the target consumers are mostly youths the company hopes to sell itself by getting endorsed by a celebrity, forming a LinkedIn group and creating videos for  targeting more than 800 million unique visitors a month. There will be a display of the business within social media sites so that people can like, share and talk about the products they know and love.Flawless vape shop is an American branded company and has recently launched their international website in which we have made our products here in America available to the Japanese culture. Because tobacco is a huge cash crop the resale of pharmaceutical nicotine takes smokers and revenue away from the tobacco industry. With the Japanese culture always looking for innovative ways to continue to remain healthy, establishing strategic partnerships with local shops and manufactures will help get our E-juices in the hands of Japans smokers that prefer to vape but are unable to purchase E-Liquid. 

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