1-Discuss the role of women in Fahrenheit 451.

lease answer these 3 essay questions. each one should take about 70-90 words. be specific and give good examples if it ask so.

-Review The Prince, Fahrenheit 451 and 1984 (books)
-Review any reading material that complemented the novels.

The 3 Essay Questions:

1-Discuss the role of women in Fahrenheit 451. Provide examples.
2- How much of The Prince is relevant to contemporary society, especially when monarchies are no longer the primary form of government? Provide examples to support your response.

3-What makes literature so important in our lives? How does it influence society? Be specific.
it is an online exam for me and asked me 6 essay questions about these novels. i couldn’t answer these and it would take me time when I actually have a final exam tmw.

Please do them perfectly, no grammar mista

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