A Plan for Creating an Innovative Culture in Support of Evidence-based Project Implementation.

A Plan for Creating an Innovative Culture in Support of Evidence-based Project Implementation (Individual Paper)
(Objectives 1-4)
The individual paper is a 10 page paper (excluding title page, abstract, references, and appendices) in APA format. The paper will apply a style similar to that described for methodological articles in the APA Publication Manual (6th ed., p. 10-11). This will serve as the signature assignment and will be uploaded into Live Text.
Briefly describe your proposed project and planned intervention, including a description of the organization and relevant organizational structures in which you will implement your project. Analyze the existing leadership and innovation cultures in the organization, and the organizational climate for change using frameworks from multiple disciplines. Within the existing structure, identify points of expected and/or needed change, and predict successes or challenges with change implementation. Outline your specific plan for creating a favorable organizational climate for implementing your proposed project, including educational programs related to your project. You may wish to include appendices detailing specific organizational charts or other considerations specific to your proposed project.

*I have uploaded the DNPU 703 file which contains the Rubric. Please utilize the Rubric.

*I also have uploaded a file named Evidence Synthesis paper where you can read on the abstract to get an idea on how to do this coursework.

*I also have uploaded a finished example of this coursework entitled \”SAMPLE\” just to give you an idea on how to flow of the paper should be.

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