A Raisin in the Sun

A. Begin by discussing your response to the play. Did you like enjoy it ? if so, why ? if not, why not ? Think of the plot and characters in the play. Were the characters and story appealing?
B. The, focus on one or more of the characters and discuss why you found this character(s) interesting. BE SURE TO QUOTE FROM THE PLAY TO SUPPORT YOUR POINTS. For example, you might want to explain how mama is the moral force in the play. Or, you might want to analyze Walter\’s motivation for starting a liquor store and how he progresses in the play after he loses hi\’s mother\’s money. Another option is to write about Ruth or Benetha. You can even compare george and asagai if you wish.

A. i did enjoy the movie. Well played movie, plot was always a mystery i was just anxious to find out what would happen next.
B. Write about Walter, i found him interesting just because of the way he acted and was so ambitious to be rich.

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