A video post discussion board will be required for 1 video viewed outside of class.  You will choose from a…

A video post discussion board will be required for 1 video viewed outside of class.  You will choose from a list of movies, watch the video outside of class and respond to the questions posted.  Video discussion board open to post on March 22 and closes April 28.  .  Your original post must be 400-500 words. Points will be taken for not staying in the word limit. Your response to a peer must be a minimum of 100 words.Social Justice Video Post must be posted by April 28 at 4:15pm.   Your post should NOT be a summary of the movie, but rather a reaction or a scene that particularly moved you. As you watch the movie try to see if you can empathize with one of the characters in the movie then                       20 points = Extremely original post and well written (including grammar, spelling, etc.), responded to another person’s post, includes all components required, within word count requirements          16 points = Well written original, responded to another person’s post, included all components required, did NOT meet word count requirement.           12 points = Well written, but NOT original (it was said by 10 other people before you on the discussion board), did NOT respond to another person’s post and/or did NOT include all components required.           8 points = NOT SO WELL written, regardless of how original it is, leaves out most of the required components.           4 point = Very poorly written, did NOT include components required.  

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