Abnormal Psychology.

To prepare for this assignment:

  • Review the personality disorders presented in Chapter 16 of Abnormal Psychology.
  • Consider some depictions of these personality disorders that you recall from literature, movies, television shows, or plays.
  • Make a list of some possible examples to analyze further.

The assignment: (1–2 pages)

  • Choose a character from a work of literature, movie, television show, or play, who, based on your assessment, would qualify for a personality disorder diagnosis.
  • Describe the character in adequate detail so that the reader knows who you are discussing; provide a sense of the character’s disorder.
  • Identify the personality disorder diagnosis that you think is appropriate for this character.
  • Specify, via three clear examples (behavioral examples are especially helpful), exactly how your nominee manifests the necessary symptoms of the given personality disorder (use the diagnostic features listed in Abnormal Psychology for this part of the assignment).
  • Comment briefly on possible causal factors, including those mentioned in the literature, movie, television program, or play (you should also cite the textbook or outside sources for support of your points regarding causal factors).

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