allergic reactions to dental amalgam

Long title: The Oral Manifestations of Dental Amalgam Allergies in the Oral CavityShort Title: Allergic Reactions to Dental Amalgam Thesis Statement: To avoid the serious consequences of dental amalgam, various preventative measures can be adopted.  Allergic reactions of dental amalgam is a major concern in the dental field, in order to avoid any allergic reactions of dental amalgam it is important for the health care provider to be educated on recognizing and treating any oral manifestations that can occur in the oral cavity.   There are 6 PDF articles that are to be used in conducting this paper. There is also an attachment (Lit. Review Instructions and template) for the paper that will have the directions and informatioin of what each section will contain. The other attachment (Required elements for each section) will guide you section by section as to what all needs to be included. 

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