Analyze the Pros and Cons of Unionization to Develop a Negotiation PlaN


Analyze the Pros and Cons of Unionization to Develop a Negotiation PlaN

With the retirement of the Chief Labor Counsel, you have been promoted to the new position of Chief Labor Negotiator. The not-for-profit facility on the east side of town has successfully unionized. The administrative staff is divided on the topic of welcoming the union into your facility with some working diligently to stay union-free.

In a paper, address the following:

  1. Validate the approaches that management can implement to successfully work with a new union.
  2. Prepare to negotiate a first collective bargaining agreement that has positive features for both the union and management.
  3. Analyze necessary methods to ensure that a final contract has important protections for workers as well as protecting the rights of management to operate its facility.
  4. Identify specific topics to be included in a contrac

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