, analyze your data to see if your hypothesis was accepted or rejected.


• Ask a question about something observed.
• Why?
• How?
• What?
• Question to be solved.
• Must be about something measurable.

2. Research:

• Gather information. Write a summary about what you already know or have learned about your topic

3. Hypothesis

• Educated guess about how things work.
• Prediction
• Use If, then statements
• If ____ [I do this], then _____ [this will happen]
• Focus on one variable only.

4. Materials

• List every item that is needed to do the experiment. Include equipment as well as materials.

5. Safety: 

• Write all of the safety precautions to be taken.

6. Experiment (List a step-by-step procedure for conducting your experiment)

• Tests your hypothesis.
• Is it accepted (right) or rejected (wrong) ?
• Change only one variable at a time.
• Use a control or control group
• (A group that has nothing done to it. Standard used for comparison in an experiment.)
• In order for results to be valid, conduct several tests.

7. Observed Results: 

• Use a data table to record your information. 
• A complete record of your observations and/or results. 
• Note any accidents, mistakes, unusual or unexpected observations and additional information which surfaces.

8. Conclusion

• Use the data from your results and make an appropriate graph – pie, bar, OR line graph to represent you final results. 
• Summary of your experiment:
After your experiment, analyze your data to see if your hypothesis was accepted or rejected.
If hypothesis is rejected, give possible reasons for the difference between your hypothesis and the experimental results.
Then, note any additional comments, explanations of why the results did or did not match your hypothesis. Also note any information that you learned from your researc

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