Annotated Bibliography

Purpose:The Annotated Bibliography provides a review of the sources used to support the Argumentative essay.Topic:Content:Keep in mind that each annotation requires two parts: a works cited entry and a second part to summarize the information within the source.  If you need assistance in finding the proper MLA works cited model to use as a guide for your works cited entry, please email me. Each annotation should include the following elements:1.  a works cited entry formatted in accordance with the appropriate MLA model for the source type one paragraph of content2.  a summary of the article to include source information that is properly cited with an in-text citation (a direct quotation, block quotation, paraphrased information, or summarized information)3.  a brief evaluation of the content and credibility4.  an indication of how the source will be used in the research project.Format:Size 12 printTimes New Roman fontDouble space (all lines)Heading in top left corner (double spaced)–your name, my name, course name, due dateTitle (Annotated Bibliography)No bold print, italics, underlining, or quotation marks for emphasisUse paragraph format and complete sentences.Include one citation in each annotation to document information from the source.  

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