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You will identify a variable then collect, organize, summarize, and analyze a set of data. You
will then prepare a report of your study. Since you will be performing calculations on the data,
your variable should be in the appropriate format. Your variable should be quantitative and
preferably ratio level of measurement. An example of an acceptable variable would be my pulse
upon waking. You should have at least 20 observations in your data set. NOTE: This is an
individual project. You may seek help for proofing the final report, but you must do all the
planning, statistics-related work, and the report by yourself. If you have any questions, please
contact me.
Part 1: To be completed in the private dialogue section in week 2:
You will need to provide a written description of the following
1. What you intend to study including the type of variable.
2. Plan for collecting the data, including your sampling method.
3. Confirm you receive approval from your professor.
Part 2: To be completed by the end of week 4
Once you have approval you should begin the collection process. You will need to organize and
analyze the data you collect and prepare your report. You should follow the outline below to
present the material. Remember you need to present everything in APA format.
 Provide a detailed description of your study
 Describe your variable
 Describe the data collection process (how when who, etc)
 Include n
 Organize the data into a frequency distribution
 Create a histogram (include labels)
 Calculate mean, mode, median, variance and standard deviation
 Describe the data (symmetry, skewness…)
 Explain what the data, distribution, histogram and statistics mean
 Explain which measure of central tendency best describes the data (remember to
support your position)
 Did you receive the expected results?
 What conclusions can you draw?

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