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Project description
Assessment Task 1:

Purpose: Mathematics is a practical subject and is used in many aspects of our lives. This assignment allows the students to relate to and understand the practical side of mathematics in our everyday lives.

Mathematical Modelling (800 words)

According to Joseph Malkevitch, a mathematical model is a simplified version of the real world that employs the tools of mathematics (reference).

From the following list, select ONE real world context which enables you to investigate the use of mathematical modelling in the real world. For your context:

Outline the context (not included in the word count)
Describe the mathematical modelling undertaken. You need to fully describe the mathematics is used. Ensure you have a sound understanding of the mathematics being discussed. If you dont understand the maths associated with a particular context then dont choose it!
Modelling Examples (more needed)

Population growth
Tag and Release
Travelling salesman problem
Shortest path problem
Two person zero-sum games and the prisoners dilemma
The prosecutors fallacy (whodunit?)
Error correction how do CDs work?
GPS how do satellites know where we are?
CAT-scans solving equations really is useful
How to choose a government What is the best voting system?
Mathematical Investigation (800 words)

From the following list, select ONE investigation topic and complete the following:

Outline the investigation of your chosen topic (not included in the word count) by presenting an opinion on the topic.
Present a compelling argument using numerical data to justify your point of view.
Explain the possible processes undertaken to collect the data and the mathematics undertaken to present the data within the various resources used. You may wish to explain the mathematics by giving simpler examples. Ensure you have a sound understanding of the mathematics. If you unable to determine or understand the maths associated with a particular fact then dont use it!

Investigation Examples

Homelessness in Australia: Explore the hidden costs to the community
Child immunisation: The effects of dropping immunisation rates
Clothing manufacturing: Compare the costs of ethical production
Global warming: The impact on the Pacific Islands
Clean water: The cost of providing a basic human right
Refugees: The voice of Australians
Life expectancy: We are all better off

REMEMBER: A good test of understanding is to consider whether you could discuss the mathematics in your topic with peers and your tutor, explaining it in your own words.
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everything that you\”ll need to know for the assignment is on the attachment. Thanks 🙂
Instruction files

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