Argumentative Essay

The topic and thesis must be approved by me before you can write on it.

The paper must be formatted as shown in the handout What A Research Paper Should Look Like. This means proper heading, margins, title that does not include \”Research Paper\” or something that would turn it in to an assignment instead of an essay. Make up a title that does not include the assignment name.

It must be 1000 words which does not include heading, title, or Works Cited..

It must NOT use first person. It must not use second person \”you.\”

It must include a thesis in the first paragraph, as this will be a persuasive paper. Do not ask questions anywhere in the essay. Use statements instead.

It must use internal citations.

It must have a Works Cited at the end which uses at least three relevant sources. All sources must be different from each other. All must be relevant, meaning, related to the field and not to something that is just opinions about opinions. Wikipedia, the Encyclopedia, Dictionaries are not acceptable sources for your topic. You must do actual reading in the field of your topic. Do not use magazines like Washington Post that just happens to have an opinion article in it about your topic.

This is not a comparison/contrast paper. Those end with people being aware of the differences between two things and then it is left to them to decide which is best for them. Argument papers attempt to persuade someone of something. You might want to persuade someone that autism is not related to vaccines. Then you would use actual statistics from the CDC or real sources to show a lack of causal relationship.

You must be sure that there is a counterargument addressed somewhere in the paper. In other words, the only time you need a persuasive argument paper is when you are trying to persuade someone who believes something that reasonable adults believe. \”Smoking is bad for you\” is not a thesis because there is no one who needs to be persuaded of this who is an intelligent reasonable adult.

There must be a conclusion to your paper that is not just a repeat of the thesis statement.

MY TOPIC IS: Education. I want to talk about how they are changing the system and what the best teaching method is for students. Also, make sure it doesn\’t sound too professional. I need it to sound like I actually wrote it lol but thank you.

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