Arugmentative Essay

at least 500 words.
Topic: The Price of food
–Argumentative Essay.
–No research outside of our textbook is allowed. The 5 images are the pictures of the 5 pages on the essay
–The last sentence of the Introduction should be an Argument.
–The Argument consists of a position and three reasons why the position is true.
–Use a Counterargument (objection and answer) for at least one of your reasons.
–Plan your essay before writing; use an outline.
–Use topic sentences; rephrase your ideas when writing topic sentences.
–No quotations. Use summaries and paraphrases when referring to the sources.
–Avoid the first person (I, me, my, etc.).
–Avoid major sentence errors: sentence splices and sentence fragments.
–Avoid colloquialisms: slang, contractions, and the use of \”you.\”

Position: Our food is to cheap
1)Our food is too cheap, because cheap quality food causes major long term health problems.
2) Food distribution companies no longer produce food to be eaten, instead it is produced to be sold
3)Even though we try to use technology for the greater

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