Reference :    Global History Since 1500Primary Document Analysis Homework Assignment #1 Please read the primary document titled “Letter to King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella” from your course pack (Reading #3 in your course pack), and use it to answer the following questions. Please answer in complete sentences – all of the questions can be answered in 1-3 sentences. If more room is needed, you may use the back of the sheet.  •In reading this letter by Christopher Columbus, what message do you think he is trying to get across to the King and Queen?  •When you read the letter, what impression of Columbus do you get?  •Does it seem like Columbus understands the place he has “discovered,” or does it seem like he is confused? •After reading this primary document, has your (prior) understanding of Christopher Columbus changed at all? In other words, when you hear the name “Christopher Columbus,” what is the first image that comes to mind? Did this reading support that image or not? Why or why not? 

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