1. Richard Bell describes four stages that business strategies use today to grow larger and faster, as well as attracting and keeping customers. List these four stages, and discuss in detail how an International retailer would apply these today?2. The purchaser purveyor matrix shows five major strategic classifications of loyalty card schemes: Pure, Push, Pull, Purchase, and purge. Explain each one in detail, and give an example of a retailer currently using these strategic classifications. (Do not use examples in the book)3. β€œThe global commerce initiative and how it increases the dominance of the global retailers, and suppliers at the expense of smaller players.” Explain this initiative in detail and discuss how smaller player are affected?4. What are the seven structural components that are relevant to accessing the importance of supply chain collaboration? List a retailer that utilizes each of these seven structural components? Explain in detail.5. Most countries around the world face three major conflicts about the accommodation of modern retail development, whether large stores or shopping centers. What are these three major conflicts? Explain them in detail? Choose a country and discuss in detail how they are addressing these three major conflicts?

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