Attention Writing King: Select and Defend a Risk Response Strategy for Each Project Risk

Modify the Excel spreadsheet you created and submitted in Week 4 so that it includes, to the right of the Risk Factor value column, columns titled Risk Management Strategy, Action Prior to Risk Event Realization, Action in the Event of Risk Event Realization, and Rationale, respectively. In the Risk Management Strategy column, enter one of the following for each of the risks:  Avoid, Transfer, Mitigate, Accept, or Exploit.  Enter any action to  take in advance of the risk event occurring; if any action will be taken, based on the strategy selected, in the Action Prior to Risk Event Realization column, indicate “none” if no action will be taken.  Enter the action that will be taken if the risk event does indeed occur in the “Action in the Event of Risk Event Realization” column.  Finally, enter your rationale for how you populated these three columns for each risk in the Rationale column. Format all cells using a combination of the wrap-text function, column width specification, and row height specification such that your instructor does not have to manipulate the spreadsheet in any way to read all contents of all cells.  When the spreadsheet file is opened, all text in all cells should be readable if the instructor scrolls the spreadsheet vertically or horizontally, but no other navigation commands in the spreadsheet should be required to read all text.

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