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Complete the following numbered problems from the textbook, “Strategies for Creative Problem Solving”:  (use the K.T. Decision Analysis format) on pages 224 and 225 and  (use the K.T. Potential Problem Analysis format) on page 227 using MS Word. Write your answers to the following question in the proper  Follow the example formats given in Chapter 8 (summary on page 214). For 8.18 Part B, make sure you have at least 5 potential problems and multiple causes and preventative actions for each.  –          Use black text only.-          Text size needs to be 12 point size.-          Text needs to be singled spaced.-          Margins on the document should be 1’’ on all sides.-          Paragraphs should have correct indentation.-          Please spell check and proofread your work.-          Please add page numbers to your document.  When a question asks for your opinion, its answer is exactly that-. Feel free to use  opinion.  you may use a citation right after the answer to a question, or you may list your references at the end of the project. It is not required to have a separate reference page for this class.

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