Biblical Worldview Essay 800-1000 word essay

Biblical Worldview Essay 800-1000 word essay  able to practice your chosen major/program of study in a manner consistent with a biblical/Christian worldview. For this assignment, you will write a 600–1,000-word essay addressing the following topic: Foundational to the Christian faith is the belief that mankind is created in the image of God. Explain how this belief affects the way you interact with people within your chosen vocation. The word in this assignment is essentially synonymous with the word .It would be wise to select the chosen vocation that you intend to have upon graduation.Provide 2 or 3 specific examples of how the theological truth (mankind is created in the image of God) is lived out in your chosen vocation.Be sure to incorporate at least 2 theological references in your paper using course sources.Be sure to incorporate at least 3 relevant biblical references.The purpose of the assignment is not to discuss how you will evangelize within a chosen vocation; rather, the assignment must focus on how the understanding that mankind is created in the image of God effects the way your vocation is performed.Example from business: since mankind is created in the image of God, as an accountant, I should not cheat others out of money. (This example would be substantiated with biblical support, and be elaborated on within the essay.)Introduction (approximately 100 words)Example 1 (approximately 200–250 words)Example 2 (approximately 200–250 words)(Optional) Example 3 (approximately 200–250 words)Conclusion (approximately 100 words)

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