Briefly describe the program and its relationship to the organizational mission.

Prepare a proposal using either the format provided in class or a format you would be required to use in your present company. The proposal can focus on cost savings or revenue-generating programs. I strongly suggest that you use a program that you have or plan to propose to the organization for which you work. It is much easier to work with actual figures than to make up a fictitious company and researching what the possible figures might be. The proposal should include (but is not limited to) the following information:

  • Briefly describe the program and its relationship to the organizational mission.
  • How will you price your product, what is the mark up.
  • Discuss the return on investment.
  • What are the Net Present Value and/or project’s Payback Period?
  • If capital equipment is involved, is there a lease versus buy decision.
  • Do you require new personnel, if so complete the appropriate form and submit a job description?
  • How will you fund this new program?
  • Create a 1 year budget for the program.
  • If this is a new business, what is the legal structure and what method of accounting will you use and wh

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