built-in Environment Economics


The attached Client’s brief gives details of a proposed construction project. Each group is required to act on behalf of the Contractor, assuming the role of professional consultants, to deliver a traditionally procured construction project.

Part 2a Report / Outline Proposal

In accordance with the City of Wolverhampton’s initiative discussed earlier, your organisation has decided that it will submit design-build proposals for the part of the proposed scheme within the programme relating to the overall regeneration of the Bilston area.

The aim of your consortia’s submission is to provide construction and property related advice to ensure that the project is realised on time, to quality and within the agreed budget.
As such, your organisation has been asked to provide a preliminary submission on the following aspects of the project. It is suggested that information necessary for the successful completion of this project will be gathered predominantly from a site visit and associated desk top study. The first section of the submission should concentrate on the following:

1) Suitability of the site for the development solution selected, together with any site related issues identified by your site investigation, and solutions to those issues as appropriate.

2) Compliance with statutory and legislative requirements. (Planning Application).

3) Programme of the works (for all the houses), including a site layout plan for the project.

4) Conclusion: Evidence / reflection on how your proposals would contribute to the local economy and economic regeneration of the area.

The final proposal report that will be submitted, should detail the proposals, what your consortium would bring to the scheme, and why they should be appointed. Your proposals and solutions will need to show value for money, reliability, sustainability and innovation, in order to have the winning proposal.

2b Presentation
The second part of the submission requires each group to deliver a 10 minute presentation (see module guide) to the client, on the findings from the above as they relate to the project, and to answer subsequent questions relating to that presentation, to an examining panel.

The bulk of the marks are awarded for the technical content and conclusions / recommendations made which apply to the project.

Each group will be asked to conduct one meeting with the clients’ representative – it is expected that ‘role play’ is adopted for this.The resultant, submitted paper-work, should include an appropriate range of references and bibliography items to indicate the extent of additional research undertaken in preparing the work by each group.


Client: Wolverhampton City Council

Brief: The Client wishes to set out a vision for the completion of the Bilston Urban Village development over a ten year period. The Village will be made up from the following mix of uses:

• Up to 613 residential dwellings;
• Leisure centre (already built);
• Education uses;
• Mixed Employment Uses;
• Local community and retail facilities;
• New access junctions and internal highway infrastructure;
• Off-site highway improvements; and
• High quality public open spaces.

Housing is the predominant land use for the site with a target of 613 new homes concentrated in the western part of the site. In order to meet housing targets for Wolverhampton set out in the Local Plan the Council would wish to see at least 500 new homes completed by 2026. A small number of the 613 residential dwellings, comprise a package of 2, 3 and 4 bedroom dwellings which is the main part of this assignment.

Timing: Time for project duration is quite tight and the project should be realised as quickly as possible.

Location: The Site is bordered to the north by the Black Country Route and Brook Street. The Wolverhampton to Birmingham Metro Line forms the eastern boundary of the Site. The Bradley Arm of the Birmingham Canal, Highfield’s Road and residential and industrial properties off Highfield’s Road, Carder Crescent, Himley Close and Northcott Road border the south of the Site. Broad Lanes, Coseley Road and Broadmoor Road are present along the western boundary of the Site. (See Site Layout Plan.)

Note: Students should NOT approach any organisation in the environs for any related information and should use the pavement around the site with due care, attention and caution. You do not need to access any of the existing construction projects within this area in the completion of this work. You should keep to the public footpaths which circumnavigate the proposed area at all times.

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