Business Strategic

For this assignment of this session the organization you will be Dish.  You will be considering how this organization competes within a very competitive industry.   After reviewing the book section, presentation materials, and additional readings, consider the organization’s mission/vision/values and key stakeholders and discuss the organization’s position and niche in the competitive environment.   Make sure you present the company’s mission, vision, and/or values (whatever the company makes available to the public along these lines), and discuss the company’s most important primary stakeholders. Indicate whether you believe the company’s mission, vision, and/or value statements are in alignment with stakeholder needs. That is, does the organization treat key stakeholders in a fashion that is in alignment with its posted mission/vision/values?  Also, is the organization’s mission/vision/values in alignment with the volatile environment in which it competes? Ramachandran, S., & Ziobro, P. (2013, Jun 21). Dish may cast a wider net. Wall Street Journal (Online). Ramachandran, S., & Peers, M. (2013, Apr 15). Dish\’s Ergen doesn\’t shy from a fight. Wall Street Journal (Online). 

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