calculate the current company profile:

this project it about Abu Dhabi University which located in United Arab emirates. i will upload file with the name of strategic Readiness Diagnosis. it include the calculations you need to fill the empty tables( the tables inside the file) and to find the recommended action that we need. i will upload the SBA also. then you have the instruction below carefully please 1-please read and follow the instructions in the strategic Readiness Diagnosis instrument provided. 2-specify the SBA. 3-conduct the diagnosis on the selected SBA only: a-calculate the future turbulence level in the industry of which the SBA belongs. b-calculate the current company profile: *current strategic aggressiveness position. *strategic aggressive gap( innovation aggressiveness gap& marketing gap) c- current capability responsiveness position * capability gap ( culture, manager ,structure , system , technology, capacity gap) 4- please include all tables. 5- recommended actions : actions required by the company for alignment of its strategic aggressiveness and capability responsiveness with future turbulence level to close each SUP-GAP. (note that each table has a number of gaps. you are required to provide recommended actions to close each)

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