Calculate the wavelength of the signal of with the propagation speed of 3000m/s

  1. (10 points)Find the Amplitude, fundamental period, frequency and phase  for the following sine wave






  1. (20 points) Plot the following signals
  1. ,   b.  ,     c.  ,      d.






  1. (10 points) Calculate the wavelength of the  signal of  with the propagation speed of  3000m/s




  1. (10 points) Plot the frequency component of  signal


What is the bandwidth of this signal?













  1. (10 points) What is the bit rate for the given digital signal in Figure 1







  1. (20 points) What is the channel capacity for a teleprinter channel with a 300-Hz bandwidth and a signal-to-noise ratio of 3 dB?

Shannon’s equation: C = B log2 (1 + SNR), SNRdb=10 log10 (SNR)













  1. (20 points)  A digital signaling system is required to operate at 14400 bps.


If a signal element encodes a 4-bit word (M=24=16), what is the minimum required bandwidth of the channel? Using Nyquist’s equation: C = 2B log2M

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