A 3,000 word critical essay identifying the key factors of CARTIER underpinning the luxury market and presenting solutions/recommendations to potential pitfalls in the context of luxury market and management during and after the 2008 economic crisis.
This assessment sets out to develop team and leadership skills and will push students to develop and build on existing communication skills. It is anticipated that the group work will develop encourage students to apply their knowledge and practical to real life industry scenarios to produce
industry standard reports and presentations.

The assessment will be marked against these assessment objectives:
– To critically appraise the concept of luxury and critically analyse the unique characteristics of the global luxury goods market with emphasis

on the financial performance of luxury organisations

– To assess different managerial approaches, expansion plans and growth strategies suitable for mature and/or emerging luxury goods

markets, by engaging with academic literature.

– To critically evaluate the key success factors in building luxury market offerings, from conception to development, communication,

distribution and retail and recommend an appropriate course of action in response to a given brief

– To select and utilise a range of theories to effectively communicate findings, present solutions

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