Choose 1. (International business)

Your chief marketing officer (CMO) feels that you should take part in a joint venture, but your CEO favors taking sole ownership in a wholly owned subsidiary within the country you have chosen to market to. They both respect your opinion enough to allow you to make the final decision. You can see the advantages of each, but it is up to your expertise to determine which mode of entry is most suitable for the product you have introduced in the foreign country of your choice. A multidomestic strategy tends to be used when there is strong pressure for your company to adapt its products or services for local markets. A global strategy tends to be used when a company confronts pressures for cost effectiveness, resulting in a standardized approach. Your CEO is really not sure which strategy is best for your new product in the foreign country of your choice at this time. He is now relying on you to make the best strategic decision for your division of this multinational corporation. A correct decision here virtually assures you an executive vice president position at this multinational corporation.

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