Choose one of the following topics in the area of childhood development to research and discuss:

For your initial post, choose one of the following topics in the area of childhood development to research and discuss:
•Corporal punishment


•Attachment parenting

As a psychology professional, you have been asked to provide a caregiver with your professional opinion regarding how issues related to your chosen topic may influence short- and long-term physical, cognitive, or psychosocial development in his or her child.

Using the Ashford University Library, research three peer-reviewed articles that were published within the last 10 years on your chosen topic and that either support or challenge aspects of your chosen issue. Evaluate the unique scholarly perspectives found in your research and describe the validity and reliability of the results presented. Using the three peer-reviewed articles, identify your professional position on the topic including whether or not you believe the incorporation of this element will have a positive effect on the child’s development. Apply this research to major themes of development influenced by your chosen topic and explain how the literature supports your chosen stance. Your explanation should take the form of a persuasive discussion intended to help the caregiver respond positively to your advice as a psychology professional. Analyze any ethical considerations discussed in the research and their effect(s) on the trends related to your topic. Include the complete references for your three articles at the end of your initial post

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