Choose one that you feel disagrees strongly with the piece of writing it refers to

1.Use a print source or go to any online newspaper or magazine and find the letters to the editor. Choose one that you feel disagrees strongly with the piece of writing it refers to. Then find that article and read it. Post a brief . In your summary letter, see if you can identify the letter writer\’s \’hot spot.\’——————————————2.Read Chapter 5, pages 92-98 (Ra mage, ET AL.). Then read the short excerpt by Annie Dillard in the \’Practicing Strong Response Reading Strategies\’ box on page 109.In 3-5 sentences, write your immediate reaction to her statement. Choose an image in her excerpt that you reacted particularly strongly to. Describe the image and your reaction; post your description.——————————3.Read (PDF). After reading \’The Situation,\’ set your timer for five minutes and free write your personal response to the proposed policies. You may respond to any one of the suggestions, all of the suggestions, or the ideas as a whole. When you have finished your free writing, read over it and mark any hot spots.Choose some part of your free writing and post it to this discussion. 4.Set your timer for five minutes for each of the following general categories: people, activities, places, jobs, hobbies, issues. In each category, list as many items as you can until the timer goes off. Now scan your lists. Do you know something about any of the items on your list that might surprise someone? 

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