Compare and contrast the United States constitution with another country’s constitution

you will compare and contrast the United States constitution with another country’s constitution. Completing this exercise will give you a greater appreciation of what is (and what is not) unique about the liberties safeguarded by our constitution and will provide you with exposure to other cultures. Steps 1) Carefully read over the U.S. constitution’s Bill of Rights. 2) Visit this Web site: 3) Select another country’s current constitution to review. Make your selection on the basis of the first letter of your last name. So, if your name is “Jones,” you may choose to review the constitution of either Jamaica, Japan, or Jordan; if you are a “Smith,” you may examine the constitution of Sierra Leone, Singapore, Slovakia, etc. If no country’s name begins with the first letter in your last name (e.g., if you are an “Xavier”), then just pick any country whose constitution you would like to examine. Also, if your name begins with “O,” “Q,” “W,” or “Y,” you may choose any country you wish as well. 4) After reviewing your selected country’s constitution, head to the discussion forum and share what you learned with your peers. Describe IN DETAIL three or four SIGNIFICANT similarities between your country’s constitution and the U.S. constitution and three or four SIGNIFICANT differences between it and the U.S. constitution. Try to focus more on similarities and differences in the rights/responsibilities of citizens and not just differences in government structure and institutions.

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