construct a computer simulation model to simulate The length of cable produced.

.Cable time Inc. Produces telecommunication cable from five components. A single wire forms the center conductor, oblivion mesh wire forms the outer conductor, two types of plastic tubing for inner and outer insulation, and a plastic tube for additional insulation. Orders have been placed for each component in quantities of 1000 feet. Based on historical Data it is known that the supplier has delivered the order to mount with uniform variation reinjuring as follows. Center conductor, 1000 +\- 10 feet; mesh wire, 1,000 +\- 5 feet; inner insulation, 1,000 +\- 20 feet; outer insulation, 1,000 +\- 20 feet, the outside tube, 1,000+\-25 feet.

A)construct a computer simulation model to simulate The length of cable produced.

B)Carry out 200 runs of the simulation and determine the following: the average cable length, the standard deviation, the best wire length, the worst wire length and the probability that the wire length will be greater than 995 feet.

C) use the data from Part (b) and construct a histogram. Is the distribution bell shaped?

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