construct a histogram for the output data.

.Anna is considering investing $150,000 by dividing it into three investments. But she’s not sure how much to put in each one. The first investment is known to follow a uniform distribution with the rate of return that varies from -2% to 10%. The second investment follows a normal distribution with an average rate of return of 12% and a standard deviation of 6%. The third investment has a constant return of 6%.

A) construct a computer model to simulate on his investments for a 20 year period assume that the balances are cumulative. Include as input para meters the mounds invested in each type of investment. Cheyer simulation model using $50,000 in each investment. The simulation table she keep track of the combined balance.

B) use a data table to repeat the simulation designing part a 300 times and record results.

C) determine the best and worst case, range, mean, and standard deviation for the data.

D) construct a histogram for the output data.

E) try your simulation model using $75,000 in investment 1, $50,000 investment 2, and $25,000 in investment 3

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