Cyber Security

General Instructions (Please review carefully!)
1. Prepare your exam in Word format (doc or docx).
2. Do not include any quotations in your answers. Do not copy and paste from any resources.
3. Your answer to each question must contain at least 200 words.
Comply with APA style requirements. Include in-line citations and a reference list at the end for each question. There should be at least two references for each question – these references should Not include the following textbooks.

-John R. Vacca-Computer & Information Security
-Richard R. Brooks- Introduction to Computer and Network Security
-Joseph Valacich & Christoph Schneider- Information Systems Today (Managing In The Digital World)

Essay Questions
1. The FBI and Apple had a dispute related to unlocking cell phones which are encrypted to protect users’ data and privacy. Summarize the key aspects of the dispute and select and argue one position (Apple or the FBI). Also, think of a possible \”middle ground\” solution that would have at least pacified both parties involved.

2. Describe the role of cybersecurity within the emerging \”Internet of Things\” environment. Describe privacy concerns associated with the emerging technology and how cybersecurity will address them.

3. What were the security issues surrounding the initial implementation of What additional measures would you suggest in order to address the continued attacks on that website?

4. Hospitals, school districts, and even churches have succumbed to the demands of ransomware hackers. Thoroughly describe ransomware and ways to prevent it. Also, discuss practical measures to be taken by a victim when immediately learning of the attack and include your rationale for your measures.

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