Delta Airlines, APA style.

Two Modules about Delta airlines.The module should be 3 pages long, total of 6 pages in two filesEach module must be in a seperated file with its own references.The modules must be in   You are to include three independent sources. What does it do? How did it get started? How does it add value? Who are the customers it competes for? What risks confront the company? The mission: Most companies state their mission on their website. Use your company’s own words in your paper.The vision: You may have difficulty finding a statement of your company’s vision; if you can’t find it, you should state the vision in your own words based on what you have read about the company’s philosophy and values.Values: You should find your company’s values on its website.    You are to include three independent articles in this section. How does your company approach corporate ethics and what guidelines does it set forth? Does it adhere to what it says? Who are the company’s stakeholders? Identify both Primary and Secondary stakeholders. Identify the CEO and include a few sentences about him or her. Include apicture of the CEO.  Why is workforce diversity important? How does your company obtain or try to obtain a diverse workforce? Does it have a diversity policy? What evidence do you find that your company carries out (or fails to carry out) its policy?  I hope you fined this very helpfulAsk me any question.Thank you.

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