Describe a group that you have been a member of for many years. This could be personal or professional.

Groups can either become cohesive and harmonious across a life span or can face some relational tensions that can break them up. Relational tensions can include personality issues, emotional conflicts, and people-oriented challenges that the groups face.

In this assignment, you will conduct research using the Argosy University online library resources and the Internet to explore how groups bond together and why these groups last longer than other groups. You will also explore the reasons for relational tensions and how such tensions can break the groups up.


In support of your research, in a minimum of 400 words, respond to the following points:

  • Describe a group that you have been a member of for many years. This could be personal or professional.
  • Describe the bonds that have been formed in your group.
  • State whether the group is still together, and explain the reasons for its current status.
  • Describe the relational tensions the group has incurred along the way. What are the implications of these tensions on the group dynamics? How have these tensions been or could be resolved?
  • Discuss the manner in which you might avoid issues such as conformity, normative influence, informational social influence, and obedience or any other type of interference in a group supervision meeting at a human services organization

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