Describe relationships between elected and appointed officials and governing boards

. Describe relationships between elected and appointed officials and governing boards 2. Recognize the benefits and challenges relevant to managing information, networks, and partnerships among public, private and/or nonprofit organizations 3. Identify the institutional, legal and political fundamentals that frame the policy process 4. Prepare clear, concise and well-organized written materials Use the following framework to help you identify the critical issues and actors, and guide your systematic analysis of the case. 1) Determine the key problems(s) or issue(s) and identify key stakeholders and their interests; 2) Identify and describe the political, legal, and administrative contexts of the case, including relevant intergovernmental relations and network members; and 3) Identify the alternative courses of delivery and critically assess their strengths, weaknesses, challenges, and potential implications. Explain why (or why not) the network structure outlined in the case is the most efficient, effective, equitable, and responsive solution to providing workforce development services in the Chicago/Cook County region 4

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