Describe to Andersen & Sons how they might create a security template.

You are working for a consulting agency, and a large marketing firm has approached you and is in need of your assistance. The firm, Andersen & Sons, has four offices in the Chicago area. Each office has Windows Server 2012, and all servers are in a single domain. One office accommodates the administrative and business department, one is used for market research, and the other two are for printing and publishing.

The IT department in Andersen is undergoing major restructuring. In the meantime, it has hired you as a consultant to craft its security policies. Answer the following in 2-3 pages:

  • Give your β€œTop 5” security recommendations for laptop users to securely access network resources and to secure files on their laptops?
  • Describe to Andersen & Sons how they might create a security template.
    • Provide information about useful settings they would need for the security template.
  • What security suggestions do you have to secure communications from the human resources server to the payroll server?

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