. Describe two or more conclusions from biological research of disordered eating behavior.


In psychology, Motivation refers to the forces that push and pull us toward specific goals and behaviors. Motivation is generally either internal (biological, cognitive) or external (environmental, situational). In psychology, the study of Motivation often focuses on biological behaviors, such as eating and sexual expression, or achievement behaviors, such as academics or career goals. Understanding how motivation works is key to guiding others and encouraging the highest level of performance.


Choose one of the following options to explore:

  • Option AEating Behavior and Eating Disorders
  • Option B: Sexual Motivation and Sexual Orientation

Option A: Most psychologists focus on psycho-social aspects when explaining the origin of disordered eating behavior; however, there are also biological issues which may influence disordered behavior. Explore the biological and psycho-social aspects of disordered eating behavior by completing the following items.

  1. Based on your assigned readings and videos this module, identify somebiological or genetic factors that may predispose someone to disordered eating behavior. Describe two or more conclusions from biological research of disordered eating behavior. (These may include genes, brain functioning, metabolic, hormonal, etc.

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