Describe what the work is about and give your true personal reflections on it

. Read at least 10 pages from a philosophical work. Do not just read about a philosopher, but read the philosopher’s own writing. Write a review of what you read. Describe what the work is about and give your true personal reflections on it. Here are some questions you might consider answering in your reflection on the work: Did you understand the work? Was it easy to read or completely baffling? Where do you agree and where do you disagree? Did you like the work? Hate it? Love it? Why? How does it reflect the Philosopher’s world and how does it reflect our world today? What have other people and philosophers said about the work? How does it relate to others stuff we learned in class? Do you recommend it? Why or why not? These questions are just suggestions; you don’t have to use them. You can write whatever you wish about the work. All papers should be submitted to Blackboard under the appropriate assignment. If you cannot access Blackboard, please submit it to my email address. Late papers are accepted until December 7. Late papers lose l0 points, so you will only receive a maximum of 10 points for your late paper.

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