Describe your purposes for attending college.

Describe your purposes for attending college. Relate a few of your most important reasons for continuing your educational experience. Relevant topics might be: Why are you attending college now? What do you expect to gain from your efforts? How important is this decision to you? How clear are you about your major area of study? Briefly describe your own “educational journey” from the perspective of the past, present, and future, addressing the issues below: How has your educational experience gone up to this point? What “lessons” about yourself as a learner did you learn in school at elementary, junior high and high school levels (the good ones and the not so good ones as well)? How might these earlier experiences affect your college learning now? What sort of attitude and motivation do you feel for continuing your studies at this point? What are your current hopes and concerns about being in college? What are your specific academic goals for this semester? What is your main academic goal for the next two to three years? What are some potential barriers to achieving what you want in college? How committed are you to achieving that goal? What specific behaviors demonstrate your level of commitment in action? How positive and confident are you about creating that outcome? 3. Discuss what you have learned from the various exercises and inventories we have covered in this class so far. Be specific and detailed when describing your strengths, areas needing improvement, and your primary learning preferences/strategies. What are your key strengths and limitations as a learner? What are your preferred learning modalities and contexts? Which strategies are you applying as you study to support and expand your learning preferences? What changes are you making in your study practices to increase your learning? 4. Describe how taking this course can help you achieve your goals. What would you most like to learn about in this course and why? What are you willing to do to succeed in this course and in school? (Be specific

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