Develop a Project charter for the new product development using the Treasury Board template (20%)

FCA 151 Projects Management and Policies & Procedures (40%)

Template 2

Part II
You work for a bank and most of your company’s asset management product had entered the declining stage of the Product Life Cycle. In order to survive the current shrinking and competitive market place, you must focus your resources on developing a new product. The new product is a “New” daily interest savings account that has the following characteristics
• Competitive daily interest
• Unlimited internet (online) transactions
• 10 free ATM transactions at all interac banking terminal
• Free cheques
Develop a Project charter for the new product development using the Treasury Board template (20%)
• Make all necessary assumptions for resources, cost and participants of the project
• Since it is a relatively simple product launch, you have only 30 days to complete the process
• Your deliverables should includes all information necessary for the launch, advertising and promotion of the new product
• Assume that the project had already passed the screening process and is a “GO”
• Review comprehensive business analysis process in coming up with Risk factors

Probable resources for researches focus
• Notes on product development
• Financial Services Product marketing texts and papers

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