discuss Effective Decision Making & Problem Solving

OBJECTIVE: To bring theories and concepts outside of the textbook by relating them to your experiences. This assignment asks you to apply what you are learning to what you are doing.
You will turn in 5 applications throughout the term. You may choose any 5 of the following chapters, but you must meet the due date identified in the schedule: 3 Group Development 4 Developing the Group Climate 5 Roles and Leadership in Groups 7 Group Discussion: Defective Decision Making & Problem Solving 8 Group Discussion: Effective Decision Making & Problem Solving 9 Power in Groups 10 Conflict Management in Groups
NOTE: There are more chapters identified above than the papers you are required to complete. You may not do an additional chapter for extra credit or to make up for a lower grade on an earlier application. The additional chapters are to allow you to pick and choose based upon your interests, and the time you have available to complete the assignments.
Applications should be 2-3 paragraphs and fully discuss 1-2 concepts addressed in the textbook. Your application should not surpass 1 page of text. You can use 1 paragraph per concept or go into more detail about 1 concept in 2-3 paragraphs (e.g., you may discuss the concept from various perspectives: describe it and discuss how it applies to your current group, look at a group in retrospect and explain how you could have improved the group, disagree with the concept and give examples to support your view, etc.). You need to make cogent arguments, supported by examples and reasoning. You may not merely summarize the textbook.
PROCEDURE: 1. Read the chapter thoroughly, making notes as to which concepts you feel you could discuss, argue with, relate to your group project, etc. YOU ARE NOT TO SUMMARIZE the material; don’t simply regurgitate the information. The first sentence in your application should be a thesis statement (“In this reflection, I apply the concepts of group cohesiveness and the forming phase of group development to my personal experiences.”). You should then provide a one-sentence summary for each concept to help me understand what you are discussing. The remaining portion of the application should show that you can apply the concept to a personal experience and that you understand it. The last sentence should be a concluding statement (inverse of the thesis). Review the rubric for each chapter to ensure you’ve addressed all that I’ve asked for. 2. Prepare 2-3 paragraphs written in first person that demonstrates you understand the material and can apply it to your experiences. 3

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