Discuss Epictetus’ Stoicism in relation to the economic/political structure of the Roman Empire.

You don\’t have to put in essay form. Just explain, relate and give examples of the following topics simply in 2 pages.
—the class structure of Rome during the Roman Empire. Describe what different ecomonic/political status residents of Rome might have. How were Roman residents of different classes affected differently by the expansion of the Empire into new territories?
–how did Romans treat the people living in conquered territories? What were some negative ways in which these people might be affected by the Roman conquest? What were benefits to some residents of conquered territories of Roman conquest? What are some important lasting affects of the Roman Empire in Europe?
–discuss Epictetus’ Stoicism in relation to the economic/political structure of the Roman Empire. Why would Stoicism seem appealing to a slave like Epictetus himself? Why might Stoicism seem appealing to a Roman Emperor like Maurcus Arelius?
–the difference between Legalism and Confucianism. What difference in the Qin dynasty’s preference for Legalism and the Han dynasty’s preference for Confucianism make in their policies are rulers?
–what are some similarities between the Chinese Empire and the Roman Empire in terms of i) benefits of empire expansion and ii) negative consequences of empire expansion (especially for the people of lower social classes)? What are similarities of the two empires in terms of the succession of power from one emperor to the next?
–how does Daoism compare to Stoicism? Explain some similarities and differences in the approach to life advocated in these philosophies? What are some differences in the style of the Dao de Ching and the style of Epictetus’ The Enchiridion?
–what are some similarities and differences between the Chinese or Roman Empires and the Empires in India. Use examples from the Maurya dynasty or the Gupta dynasty to illustrate some of these similarities or differences.

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