discuss Obesity among middle school students

The research grant must evaluate the effectiveness (impact assessment) of a program. The program can be in existence or one that you develop. The topic may concern any physical or mental health problem, school-based or community-based intervention, genetic defect, learning disability or health screening. The length of the grant proposal must be approximately 20 pages using double spacing with a font size of 12, one inch margins, and pagination. There must be at least 15 references using APA style for bibliographic citations. Ten of these references must come from peer-reviewed journals. The research proposal for the impact assessment MUST include the following sections and sub-sections: 1) Table of Contents 2) Specific Aims (3 pages) -> brief description of goals, objectives, outcomes, program, population, sampling, and experimental design 3) Background and Significance (7 pages) -> a) importance of the topic b) critical review of the research on similar programs c) description of program components and their theoretical relevance (linking goals, objectives, and outcomes) d) statement of hypotheses being examined 4) Methods (10 pages) -> a) description of the population and method of sample selection b) design of experimental methodology c) operationalization of concepts – data collection instruments d) formative evaluation methods – pilot testing procedures e) process evaluation methods – monitoring of implementation f) rationale for choice of statistical techniques g) time line of activities to be accomplished (a chart or table) 5) Appendix -> copy of data collection instruments and program materials 6) Protection of Human Subjects – description of participant right

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