How are state legislators successful at legislating?  A number of factors must be considered.  Partisan ties, ideological considerations and the needs of the constituents are paramount.  The ability to bargain and compromise becomes essential.  Further, the process of how a bill becomes a law can be daunting and, in some cases, lead to failure.  Refer to your chapter on the Texas Legislature to review the steps and actors involved in lawmaking. If you were a state legislator, what issues would be important to you?  What new legislation would you propose for the state of Texas?  If you do not already have an interest, consider some policy issues already discussed in your textbook.Once you have selected an issue, write a thoughtful and well-written statement describing the bill you would propose.   Argue why the legislature should vote for it.  Then, discuss the likelihood of it becoming a law, given the factors that go into the legislation process.  Your answer will likely require additional research to support not only your argument, but also educate us as readers. Be certain to cite all sources used. Remember, you must also respond to another student\’s posting to be eligible for credit! 

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