Discussion homework

Attempt one of the following questions with reference to Chapter V of Provide a descriptive title to your contribution, so it tells the reader which question you are addressing. Be specific with details (names of persons, places, events, cultural or religious references, etc.) from the book. Length: 500 words (yes, longer this time). a) How do the South Asian Muslims of Kingsville balance their cultural and American identity? Discuss with reference to specific activities of some of the research participants discussed in this chapter. b) Can Muslims be American? What debates have you heard on this question, if any, and how does chapter V answer that question?c) What are the things you learned from this chapter that will make you a better employee or business owner in a diversifying USA?d) Which of the participants (Sameer, Aziz, Azad, Hena, etc.) did you find most likeable? Why?

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