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Often, people have difficulty recognizing when they may be compromising their own personal ethics. This does not mean that they are unethical people, per se. Unconscious prejudices and unintended biases can taint a manager’s decisions, choices, and actions to the detriment of employers, employees, partners, and clients. Some decisions that appear to be profitable can appear short-sighted, unethical, and unwise in the long-term. When deadlines may not be met, when the threat of failure casts a larger shadow than the prospect for success, when the thrill of reward obscures long-term consequences, or when monetary incentives can easily skew one’s decisions, how can a manager be certain his or her actionsand the actions of their bosses and their employeesare always ethically sound?For this week’s Shared Practice, reflect on your own professional experiences and search reputable news sources on the internet to find an example in the news where managers and employees at a company fell short of doing the “right thing.” Consider the circumstances that surrounded the example and whether it makes the person or organization ‘bad’? by  a response to the following:

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