disscussion reply to the question asked from students minimum words count 50 each

1:Good work! A nice simple example that shows how easy it is to use the product rule for exponents. Can you see how working with extremely large or small numbers and using scientific notation would help us to easily apply the product rule? 2:When I said very large numbers I was referring to very large small numbers. Numbers that are way to small for us to count without a computer. I think we don’t use them with things like national debts because there is not a lot of people who are familiar with scientific notation and I think that I’d the reason it is mostly used in science. 3:Shorthand for math is a great way to think of scientific notation. It certainly makes it easier and faster to write and record very large numbers. It is also very helpful when working with sets of very large numbers. Any thoughts from the class on if this makes sense or not? it 242 4:you’re correct there are many devices that we connect to our wireless network, WLANs are meant to make our lives a lot easier. since a wlan can connect our lives to the web it is important to maintain it secure. our bank transactions, homework assignments, work task, and other online activities all can be performed using our wireless devices, if a hackers manages decrypt our data, they will have full access to our personal and professional life. just as wlan can make our lives easier they can make them difficult if the signals are not encrypted and protected. 5:Right. Wireless does not necessarily mean being as advanced as hosting a WiFi network. It simply means being able to do something without the assistance of being wired. As you mentioned, some of the first methods of wireless technology involved the use of remote controls, which work using infrared light.How extreme is it to make technology work without the use of wires? How close are we to having this accomplished? 6:Wireless technology is a necessity in today’s mobile world. Work that was considered impossible in the past is now doable because of technological advancements. We are no longer grounded to a mainframe, such as with dummy terminals. The hardware and software of today make us effective and efficient regardless of where we are located. In essence, we have significant access from our fingertips.What are the security issues faced by organizations while using wireless technologies?

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