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Dissertation writing is the most arduous task and the final obstacle in the academic struggle of a student. The degree would only be awarded to you if your thesis is effective and acceptable by your institution. Regardless of all the back breaking work, if you fail to submit your dissertation, all your aspirations could go in vain. Certainly, there is no way out of this obligation. However, you can refer the below listed guidelines to assist yourself for formulating a quality dissertation.

The Basic Structure of a Dissertation

Selecting a Topic

The subject matter you choose should comply with the following:

Suitability: The subject you select should be in sync with the area of your study.

Curiosity: You must be aware about the crux of the subject and should possess the zeal to explore it further.

Feasibility: You have to make sure that you are adequately equipped to carry out the research and formulate the content on the chosen topic.


A brief description of your thesis and the manner of the research carried out by you.


To effectively master this section, it is recommended that you refer other dissertations written previously on the same subject matter to get a clear idea about what needs to be mentioned. You have to acknowledge the support of the people without whom you may not have compiled your dissertation.


It will list the titles of the chapters including the sub-headings for easy reference of the reader. It would act as an aid for the reader to jump to a specific part of the dissertation.


This section is like the basis of your thesis. It must give a clear idea about the topic and the area of research. You need to explain what prompted you to go for this subject matter and link your thesis with already established theories. This would provide a firm ground to the subject matter you choose.

Literature Review

Literature review is an indispensable part of an academic dissertation.

For an effective literature review you must:

  • Give an account of the already established theories and ongoing research on your subject matter
  • Infer if there are some aspects overlooked by previous researches conducted
  • Differentiate among various prevalent opinions associated to your topic
  • Group and analyze similar opinions
  • Make out errors in previous researches and relate your thesis with them
  • Draft an effective conclusion, telling everything about your research in a concise manner

Formulation of Chapters describing the methodologies:

  • Give a detailed account of the manner of the research conducted by you
  • List all the equipment, resources, and processes utilized to give a ground to your thesis


The manner of expressing your results should be formulated vigilantly.

  • Begin with giving a concise summary of the outcomes and then provide all the necessary details.


  • Begin straightaway with the detailed description.
  • Balance the usage of terms and present your results in a comprehendible manner.
  • Follow a precise order for presenting your findings.


Compare and contrast your research and its findings with previously established theories in detail. Give an account of what was missing previously and what new outcomes you have discovered.


Mention about the novel outcomes of your research which were previously omitted by the researchers and how they provide uniqueness to your thesis.


List the references in the order they have been cited if you are using a number system or else list them alphabetically if you have used a name-year system.


It is a detailed description about something you mentioned in your content. It helps the reader to understand in a better way and the entries here must be referred in between your content.

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