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· You will need to do a textual analysis of Chapter 23 in Patterson’s Children of Sisyphus (NTR 12-point font)
please follow below information:
– Preliminary analysis: Locate key words/short quotations/important moments in the text
– Theme: What is the main theme of passage? What is it about?
– Meaning: What is the main point to retain from the passage? (Is it trying to convey an idea or argument? Or perhaps an emotion, effect, or impression? Does it have any interesting political or philosophical or psychological or spiritual implications?)
– Context and function: how does the passage contribute to the meaning of the novel as a whole? How does this part explain the whole (and vice versa)?
– Technique: What techniques does the author use to help the text generate meaning? (style, image, plot, character, metaphor, symbol, perspective, voice, etc.)
– Aesthetics: Any interesting aesthetic or stylistic qualities that you noticed? What do they contribute?
– Qualitative evaluation of the passage? (In what, if anything, does this passage succeed? In what, if anything, does it fail?)
– Your thesis: What will your thesis be? Having carefully analyzed the text, what can you teach the rest of us about how the text works? (Don’t forget that your essay should be organized around a central thesis/argument.)
– Title: What would be a good title for this passage (and your analysis of it)?
Some additional pointers on this particular text:
· As the final chapter in the novel, this passage occurs at an important strategic point in the narrative. Your analysis should focus primarily on this passage, but should also indicate how you think it contributes to the overall meaning of the novel.
· Pronouns. Don’t forget to be careful about which pronouns refer to whom. It’s important not to get the different characters confused with each other.
· This is a relatively long text, so don’t feel obligated to account for every last detail. But make sure to identify (and quote, where appropriate) the most crucial moments/words/passages.
I upload all the text just in case you need to read the front and back context, you’ll only need to analysis chapter 23, Thank you:)
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