: Do we want to be oblivious and if so, is Love the cure for an oblivious world?

Baudrillard was ambivalent about the ambivalence of gamers. He saw gamers as a small test group not big enough to destroy society. Therefore, he takes only a passing interest instead of sounding alarms that there is a percentage of society that has chosen the virtual over the integral (what we call “real”). Others are more concerned that gamers may give us a glimpse into the future. Your question for discussion: Do we want to be oblivious and if so, is Love the cure for an oblivious world? Support your answer with one or more arguments from the text. Also, use your reading handouts to flesh out your discussion Your essay should be 2-3 pages in length. Standard formatting. 12 point type, double spaced. Please use in-text citations and include full citations at the bottom of your paper (a formal citation page is not necessary). You can use whatever citation method is comfortable for you (ASA, Chicago Style, etc.)

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